Sherry Brescia Great Taste No Pain Review

When I first saw Sherry Brescia’s great taste no pain programme I must say that I was a bit suspect as to whether this for real or just someone pushing another product trying to get your money.

There are people and companies out there that don’t live up to the promises they throw around. When it comes to your health especially when you have Crohn’s Disease you need to know that you can trust the person or company that you are buying from.

I must say though that I was a bit surprised when I signed up for the free white paper from the great taste no pain website. As I read through it the information in there is based on solid food combining principles that make sure your body digests food in the proper manner.

The good thing about this white paper is that you get 4 days worth of menus to give you a good sample of what you will get in the full product. You may be able to notice a big difference if you follow the menus provided for the four days.

Many things that you get for free don’t give you any tangible results, but by following the menus you will likely see a difference.

With one of every three adults in America taking some form of medication for digestive issues, am I the only one that sees it or does something not add up here?

One of the major problems is either the food you eat or the way that you combine that food at any one meal.

The Great Taste No Pain programme is designed to reduce the acid pH level in your body. Many of the foods that we consume today are highly acidic and when not combined properly can be a contributing factor to Crohn’s Disease.

With this programme you learn to balance the pH level through the right food combination when you eat. Following the steps and sticking with the right food combinations you can see some big changes in your health and start to feel much better.

I have been a big fan of food combining for quite some time, I just wish that I had a resource such as great taste no pain back then to be able to save me a lot of time, money and also have great recipes and menus that are properly combined and taste great.

This isn’t really a ‘diet’ as you will still be able to eat many of the foods that you like, just maybe not all at the same meal to follow good combining.

One thing that you will need to watch out for is that if you have some allergies to different kinds of food you will need to modify some of the recipes so that they will work for you.

There are some ideas in there, but if you are on quite a restricted diet you will need to modify the recipes to suit your needs.

With some creativity you can come up with other recipes that are based on the book but use ingredients that are friendly to your diet. While this can be a bit of a pain it is worth doing, as trying to start from scratch making recipes is a very time consuming process.

You will have no problem with customer service at Sherry’s site, every time that I have emailed them I have always had a speedy reply with the answer to my question/query.

There is also a 60 day money back guarantee, so if for any reason you don’t like the programme or it doesn’t work you can get your money refunded very easily.

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