Matt Traverso - Reverse Crohn’s Disease Now Review

I opened Matt Traverso’s ‘Reverse Crohn’s Now’ eBook on my desktop and begin to read through the information in there about Crohn’s Disease and health and in general.

This 115 page eBook has a lot of information about health and how you can get yourself back there. Many of the principles he talks about I am already familiar with, but Matt had compiled a great resource on how the body needs to be looked after and what it requires.

The eBook starts off telling you how western medicine came to be the way it is, treating only symptoms and not looking for a cause of an illness.

By only treating symptoms the drug companies ensure that they get more people on drugs and will never run out of customers thinking they need what they are selling.

I was already aware that western medicine is controlled by the drug companies and they are there to make money, not to help you be healthy. But I had never read something that was so well laid out and explained the whole history of how western medicine came to be the way that it is.

I found this section a good read, it is not a conspiracy theory just the harsh reality of western medicine today that may people are not aware of, till they start asking some questions about the drugs they are taking or western medicine in general.

Hell I used to think that there was nothing wrong with western medicine till I stayed sick for years and the drugs that were supposed to help me did nothing or made me worse. I then begin to think there must be a better way to help myself and I found out there was.

Matt shows how health can be achieved when you get the basics right such as air, water, diet, exercise and correct thinking which can make all the difference in your health.

When these things are not done properly sooner or later the body will begin to show signs of getting sick and can end up with disease.

While I don’t agree with everything that Matt has presented in his eBook, he has laid out a good foundation for you to launch from and go about regaining your health and get yourself in to remission and staying there.

There is also several links to videos which help you understand the points he is trying to get across and expands on the subject he is talking about further so you can get a deeper understanding of the material.

Overall I think that Matt Traverso’s ‘Reverse Crohn’s Now’ program is well worth looking at and can provide you with a lot of worthwhile information that can help you heal your Crohn’s Disease naturally. Rating  Score: 8.5 out of 10

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