Natural Treatment Crohn’s: What Is The Real Story?

As some of you may be aware I have spent many years on western medicine drugs in the past, the only thing that made a difference for me was high dose steroids.

Before I learned to be able to keep Crohn’s at bay and under control using natural treatment for Crohn's, I truly thought that they were a waste of time and would have no affect on me what so ever.

I mean if my doctor had thrown virtually every powerful drug at his disposal at my Crohn’s to try and bring me in to remission and there was very little success (apart from Prednisone), what affect would some herbs, supplements, diet changes and stress reduction have?

At the time I thought nothing, zip, zero, nada.

The things I would probably end up with later in life where going to be worse than the Crohn’s was in the first place, that doesn’t make sense to me.

This is one of the main reasons I went in search of natural methods to help myself as I didn’t see western medicine as a long term solution to my problem, if fact it would end up becoming another problem on top of what I already had.

I spent many years trying natural treatments and I really didn’t get that far, now that isn’t because the therapies I was using don’t work or are no good, I just didn’t have all the pieces to the puzzle I needed to make it work.

It took me a long time to find all the pieces I needed to be able to make the changes I wanted to make to my health. 

I wasn’t going to give up my search for a natural way to heal myself as there wasn’t really a lot that my doctor could offer me, and what he could do would give me problems later in life such as bone thinning, blood sugar issues, higher risk for osteoporosis to name a few.

I carried on my search and I would think that I had everything I needed and then for some reason I didn’t get better and I was confused.

This happened to me many times, through sheer persistence and knowing that there had to be a way to help myself get better other than using drugs, as they would eventually become quite an issue for me.

I first started to see some big results using natural treatment Crohn's methods when I started a diet that included a lot of natural kinds of foods that were largely uncooked.

Following this system allowed me to get off all my medication and easily stay in remission. When eating this way I felt the best that I had ever felt in my life, even before I had Crohn’s Disease.

Even though I was getting great results eating this way I still kept searching for natural ways to help Crohn’s Disease, maybe it had become an obsession or a habit, but I loved to expand my knowledge and learn new things that I didn’t know before.

That initial success for my Crohn’s Disease lead me to other successes finding out more about what can work best for people that have Crohn’s and want to use natural therapies.

I also learned from my own experience as to why many of the therapies I did use had no affect on me and I now can help people to avoid those same mistakes.

Maybe you are like me and had tried many different things that are natural and had no success; well I can help you to avoid the same mistakes that I made.

If you are just getting started in natural ways to help your Crohn’s Disease then I can help you to get it right the first time instead of spending thousands of dollars and not really getting anywhere.

If you have bad Crohn’s Disease then you need to know the right tools to use so you can get in to remission and not end up wasting a lot of your time still feeling sick. Trust me I have done that and it is not fun!

Using natural methods for treatment of Crohn’s doesn’t need to be that hard when you know what to do or what to look for, but trying to figure it out for yourself like I did is definitely the hard way.


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