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Q: Can I really use alternatives to control my Crohn’s Disease?

A: Yes you can. I used to be on truck loads of medication that didn’t really do much to help me and bring me back to health. I now have been medication free for several years and start living the life that I have always wanted to live using the information that I am putting together in my eBook.

Q: What kind of information about Crohn's Disease does your eBook contain?

 A: I have taken all the useful information that I have learned over the time that I have had Crohn's Disease and complied it in to one resource. It has taken me years to gather this information and I have held nothing back.

It contains everything from different ways of eating for Crohn's Disease, natural anti inflammatory's, supplements, important nutrients, how you can get off your medication, how to control stress so your body can heal and much much more...

Q: When will your eBook be ready?

I want to make sure that I haven't left anything out and that it will be something that i will be proud to put my name to. I will have it ready as soon as I can but it could take some time. If you send me an email (see contact page) you might be one of the luckily people to get one for free...

Ask me about the details, as there is something that I need you to do for me to get the free copy. If you would be willing to write me a testimonial of what you thought of my ebook/site, as well as send me a photo of yourself for me to use. I may or may not put up your testimonial on the site, but if you agree to doing this I will send you a copy of my eBook before it is available to the public.

The numbers are limited to how many people I will do this for, but contact me and see if the offer is still available.


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