Crohn’s Disease Diet – Can Meat Be A Problem In Crohn’s Disease?

Meat can be an issue when it is a part of your Crohn’s Disease diet, it is possible that you may have allergies to different meats but that is something you would need to have tested to make sure of.

When you eat a lot of meat it triggers the inflammatory response in the body which can make your Crohn’s Disease worse.

While it is true that diet can be quite individual when it comes to Crohn’s Disease, there are some common things to look for and eliminate as possible suspects that are causing or contributing to the symptoms or making you worse.

Meat fits in to this category and needs to be looked at to see if there are any issues. You can try decreasing meat or cutting it our altogether for a period of time to see if you notice that you feel better or have an improvement in your Crohn’s Disease symptoms.

Personally I don’t eat meat as it does upset my Crohn’s and makes me worse if I have it, so I avoid it. I have no allergies to meat but my digestion gets out of balance if I eat it so stopped it some time ago.

I do feel much better for not eating meat, but it was bit of a diet adjustment and I didn’t have access to all the diet tools and recipes that I have now.

That is one thing that I would recommend if you are starting a new diet cutting out an item such as meat is to have a good number of recipes that you can refer to so you don’t get bored with your new way of eating.

I can’t tell you how many times I did not do this and ended up not following the diet I wanted to because I felt like I had no choice in what to eat, I felt really restricted.

While this was not the case in reality I felt that was because I was trying a new way of eating that I knew nothing about and I did not have the information that I needed to make it easy for myself to follow the diet I wanted to.

If you are someone that does eat a lot of meat you may find it easier to reduce the meat over a period of time instead of stopping it altogether in one go.

You may have some idea of what meat is the worst for you and start with cutting that out, for me pork was the worst possible meat I could eat, actually it was one of the worst things I could eat out of any food.

If the same is true for you then you may want to start out with eliminating pork from your diet and work from there. You could perhaps stop red meat after that, then chicken and fish and so on.

While I personally feel it is best to eliminate meat from your diet, you may find that a little meat every now and then is ok for you and doesn’t affect you much. While this is not true for me it may be the case for you.

It is better to have a small piece of meat every now and then than try to cut out meat from your diet completely, and after awhile have a big meal of meat because you miss it too much.

The yoyo dieting going backwards and forwards all the time between the two is far less healthy than a small amount every now and then.

If your Crohn’s Disease is really causing you problems but saying goodbye to meat is something that you just can’t do, then there is a Crohn’s Disease diet that may help you while you can still carry on eating meat.

Watch this video and you will see that it is possible for many people to still eat meat and be well when you have Crohn’s Disease. The diet involves staying away from processed foods as well as grains and dairy products, instead choosing meat and vegetables.

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