Crohn’s Disease Diet – Is Sugar an Issue For Crohn’s Disease?

Sugar is something that everyone knows is not really good for them, but many people continue to eat it anyway. A diet that is high in refined white sugar it can contribute to many problems in your body, especially when it is part of your Crohn's Disease diet.

Refined table sugar the way it is used today, put in most pre-packaged foods has only been widely used for a short period of time compared to how long modern humans have been roaming the earth.

One of the issues with a high refined white sugar diet is that the foods you will be eating are high GI, GI refers to Glycemic Index. When you eat a lot of foods that are high GI, this means the food digests and is released in to your system very quickly.

Your body will then have to produce more insulin than normal to bring your blood sugar levels back down to normal again and over time this can be one of the contributing factors to diabetes.
It is best to eat low GI foods such as fruit and vegetables that digest slowly in your system and keep your blood sugar more stable.

We are born with a sweet tooth and advertisers and commercial food makers are taking advantage of that by putting sugar in nearly everything to make it taste better and be more palatable, all at the expensive of your health.

If you want proof all you have to do is look at any pre-packaged food at the super market or where you do your shopping and somewhere on the ingredients list there is bound to be sugar there looking back at you.

Sugar is not good for you at the best of times, but when you make it part of your Crohn’s Disease diet it can be a double whammy, especially if you take steroids. If you are taking steroids and have a diet that is high in sugar you are setting yourself up for other problems; when you are on them long term it is even worse.

Sugar is the favourite food of Candida albercans or Candida a yeast that is in your body and can get out of control when your intestinal flora is upset or disturbed, such as when you are taking steroids.

Steroids lower the populations of good bacteria in the gut and the Candida can easily get out of control. When you eat a diet that is high in sugar you are giving them the perfect conditions for them to take control of your body and reproduce.

Candida is not good to have when you have Crohn’s Disease because they can be a major contributor to making your Crohn’s Disease symptoms worse, which is what you do not want.

I had Candida for years before I even knew that steroids can cause you to have an over growth of Candida, then I had a whole journey to get rid of them as they are quite persistent.

With the right approach Candida can be brought back under control and you can give the good bacteria in your body the upper hand again. If you are not on steroids now but have been in the past for any length of time then you may have a Candida infection.

You can test this by taking a glass of warm water and when you first get up in the morning before you eat or drink anything spit in to the glass.

If there is white stringy pieces hanging down from the top of the glass you have a yeast infection of some sort. After a couple of minutes there can be some of the yeast settled out on the bottom of the glass.

There are alternatives to sugar that you can use in your Crohn's Disease diet that are natural and don’t have bad affects on your health when you use them. One such natural alternative is Xylitol, it can be used like sugar but has isn’t bad for your health.      

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