Crohn’s Disease Diet – Is Dairy Really Meant to be Part of the Human Diet?

I never really questioned consuming dairy products as part of my Crohn's Disease Diet in my earlier years as it was ‘normal’ and everyone I knew used it, so surely there would be no problem with having diary right?

Well that would be wrong. Dairy products are not meant to be part of the natural human diet. Humans have only been consuming dairy products for a few thousand years, and our bodies are not designed to digest it properly.

Modern humans Homo Sapiens have been around for about 100,000 years or longer. No one really knows for sure but lets it is at least a 100,000 years.

Our digestive systems have not changed over that time and are still developed to eat what our ancestors ate, a diet that is rich in fruit and vegetables, food that is mostly unprocessed and didn’t contain dairy.

Milk from cows or any other animal is meant to feed the baby animals for that species for a certain period of time after birth, then the young animal is weaned (no longer has milk) from its mother and begins to eat the normal diet for that kind of animal.

Humans are the only species on the planet that continue to consume milk throughout their adult life. Many people forgot that we are still animals and are subject to the laws of nature, even though we aren’t living out in the wild.

Isn’t Dairy A Super Food?

No, dairy shouldn’t be considered a food at all for humans. While you may consume diary and not suffer any ill effects, it is not a natural food for humans. Many countries that have high diary consumption also have very high percentages of people with bone problems such as Osteoporosis.

There are many studies that point to this fact, but the diary industry being as big as powerful as it is, they are able to keep the truth under wraps. When you consume a lot of diary your body will rob your bones of the alkaline minerals to naturalize the acid forming affects of dairy products.

Over time this can be a burden on your body and rob you of your vitality as your body is expending a lot of energy to protect itself. When you have Crohn’s Disease dairy can be a real problem as you may have an allergy to it.

If this is the case continuing to consume dairy products can make your Crohn’s Disease worse and any natural methods you try to help your Crohn’s may not work very well. Getting the diet aspect of Crohn’s Disease sorted can be the difference between failure and success.

One of the main reasons I failed for so long with natural methods wasn’t that the methods don’t work, I didn’t have all the pieces to the Crohn's Disease diet puzzle. It prevented me having success because my body was still reacting to some of the foods I was eating.

Diet can be one of the most powerful tools you can use to get your health back on track when you have Crohn’s Disease and eliminating dairy will give you a head start getting toward your goal of good health.


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