Crohn’s Disease Definition – Will You Let Crohn’s Disease Define You As A Person?

In this article I am going to talk about not letting Crohn’s Disease define you as a person. It is true that Crohn’s Disease can affect all areas of your life your health, social life, relationships, lifestyle among other things.

Not letting Crohn’s Disease define me as a person is something that I struggled with for many years in the past when I was younger and very sick.

Eventually through looking at myself and who I am as a person I was able to let go of Crohn’s Disease and not let it define me as a person.

Being very sick it can be very easy to think about what is happening to you, how much pain you are in, when will the pain end, is there a way out when nothing seems to work, and many other negative things that can cross your mind.

I myself am guilty of this and did it for a long time in the past till I decided that I needed to change my life and my perspective so that I can be well.

At the time I thought even if I can’t be well I still want to have a good outlook on life so that I can enjoy it and not be miserable all the time like I had been.

When I let Crohn’s define me I was letting it take over my life and that was basically all that existed for me, I didn’t really go anywhere or do anything, I was just existing.

When you are very sick you don’t really want to do much anyway but it is important to keep your mind active and engage in hobbies that interest you.

For example even though I didn’t feel like doing a lot making model planes, reading books, going for a walk with the dog, around the farm when I was able etc made my days much more interesting.

This kept my mind active and helped to pass the time and gave me something else to focus on other than Crohn’s Disease and feeling sick.

There are several techniques such as meditation and self reflection that can help you change your perspective about your life and see the best in things, even if it doesn’t seem that way at the moment.

One big break through that I had was if I change the way that I feel about being sick or Crohn’s Disease in general it allowed me to have so much more joy and happiness in my life even though the situation hadn’t really changed.

Changing your perspective and seeing all of the things that I was grateful for made a huge difference and helped me to know that there are many great things in my life and how lucky I was.

Even though I was sick, there were many people all around the world that were far worse off than me. I have access to food, clean water, I am able to follow my passions/dreams/hobbies without being told by the government not to do it or be thrown in jail.

Being grateful for the things that you already have in your life is a great way to change how you see things and bring more happiness in to your life even though things may seem bad right now.

Try it for yourself, I know that it will make a big difference for you like it did for me.


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