Crohn’s Disease Complications – How Can Prednisone Affect You Over The Long Term?

Being on and off Prednisone regularly in the past there are some affects it had on me that I wish I knew more about in the first place so I could have minimized them better.

Prednisone can suppress your Crohn's symptoms helping you to have less of them, but as with most drugs there can be Crohn's Disease complications or side effects.

Being well informed about Prednisone or any drug or drugs you are looking at taking, also any drug that you are thinking about using so you can look at the pluses and minuses.

Something I would have done differently when taking Prednisone if I had known more about it, would have been to get a bone density scan much sooner.

By Monitoring my bones more closely I could have prevented some of the bone thinning damage that has occurred to my bones. Though I was taking calcium from my specialist, my bones still became more brittle over time.

Having known this sooner I could have worked more closely with my specialist and taken some action to be able to keep my bones nice and strong. I could have done this is by using a high quality bone supplement that was better than what my doctor gave me.

Supplements that include other bone building nutrients can work with calcium to get the body to build healthy strong bones, vitamin D is an example of this.

Being on Prednisone long term can also affect your blood sugar, causing it to rise, this can be likened to a diabetic like state. If you haven’t been on steroids for too long and you stop taking them, your blood sugar levels become more normal.

This is something that you would need to discuss with your doctor to get more information. You can manage your blood sugar issues by having a Low GI (Glycemic Index) diet. GI is how fast the food is digested at and released in to the blood stream.

Foods that are high GI can cause spikes in your blood sugar, in turn the body produces insulin to bring the blood sugar levels back down to normal again.

A high GI diet over a long period of time can be a contributing factor to diabetes. Foods that low GI are things like vegetables and fruit, nuts and seeds, whole grains that have minimal processing.

Foods that are highly processed like white flour products, white breads, biscuits, sweets, chips and ‘junk food’ in general are all high GI.

It is best to avoided high GI foods as much as possible if you are using Prednisone so your blood sugar stays stable throughout the day.

When taking Prednisone it is good to be well informed about Crohn's Disease complications, what the risks are and how you can best manage them.

As there are so many great natural methods out there now to help with Crohn’s, you can escape the dependence you have on drugs and live your life symptom and drug free.

A problem that is less known that can happen taking steroids long term is getting a yeast infection or Candida.

Taking both steroids and antibiotics in conjunction with one another makes this is more likely to happen, as the antibiotics not only kill bad bacteria, they kill the good bacteria in your gut as well.

Steroids suppress your immune system and the body’s defences are weakened which can allow the yeast or Candida to take hold in your body.

An easy way to see if you have a yeast or Candida problem, when you get out of bed in the morning and before you have anything to eat or drink, get a clear glass that has warm water in it, get some saliva in your mouth and spit in to the glass of water.

Leaving it for a minute or two will allow the strings of yeast to start and fall down toward the bottom of the glass. After a minute or two, sometimes straight away start looking for white stringy pieces of yeast hanging down from the top of the glass in the water.

Sometimes you will see white pieces that are on the bottom of the glass this is also yeast.

When you have left the spit in the glass for around a couple of minutes and there are no bits of yeast hanging down, just your spit sitting on the top of the water you do not have any issues with yeast, this is the result you want.

If there is a yeast problem taking some steps to get rid of the yeast will make sure you are taking a burden off your stressed immune system and body. This will help to bring to better health.

Being aware of the Crohn's Disease complications when you are taking Prednisone can better help you to mange the risks and also minimise them. So if you do take steroids long term you can do it in the safest way possible. 


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