Crohn’s Disease Alternative Therapy: Can Chiropractic Therapy Play a Part in Crohn’s Disease?

I didn’t really learn how Chiropractic therapy could be used as a Crohn’s Disease alternative till many years after I was diagnosed.

I knew that Chiropractors were good for fixing your back if it was sore, but I didn’t realise that it can be used to help address the body as a whole.

I don’t suggest that you go to a Chiropractor and think they will heal your Crohn’s Disease without you doing anything, as that is probably not going to happen.

What Chiropractic can do is address the structural problems of your body, for example a misaligned spine that can have an effect on your Crohn’s Disease.

The Chiropractic method is based on the knowing and understanding that the nervous system controls, coordinates and influences all of the bodily organs, glands and cells.

If the nervous system is compromised parts of the body can malfunction, this can cause health problems. If the nerves connected to the digestive system are affected this can contribute to Crohn’s Disease and make your symptoms worse.

What a Chiropractor will do is find where the nerve interference is happening and reduce this so the body can function better.

By taking away the inference from the nervous system, this allows the digestive system to function as well as possible and work more efficiently.

While I wouldn’t expect to have miracles happen going to see a chiropractor as a Crohn’s Disease alternative, though it has made a difference for me.

It did take time as well as regular visits, but after the Chiropractor had started to undo some of the patterns that my body had fallen in to my digestion benefited from that.

Finding a chiropractor that has knowledge of Crohn’s Disease or sees the body from a holistic point of view, where the body is a dynamic complex system can be an advantage.

For example if you have a sore shoulder the cause of the problem may not be the shoulder as such. The pain is there but it may have something to do with another part of the body that is also contributing to the pain.

The systems of the body do not work separately, as you can see from the above example with the nervous system, if it is out of balance can have an effect on the digestive system.

Some of the nerves that can effect digestion are in the lower back area. If this is a problem area and you have Crohn’s Disease then a trip to the Chiropractor may be of benefit to you.

When your spine is misaligned it can affect other parts of your body, your digestion being one of them.

If you go to a Chiropractor as a Crohn’s Disease alternative they will have a diagram to can show you which explains where the nerves in the spine are and the systems they relate to.

From the top to the bottom of your spine there are nerves that relate to every system of your body, your digestion is just one of these systems.

The more I learn about the body the more it ceases to amaze me.


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