Crohn’s Disease Diet – Can You Still Eat Meat?

While it is still possible to eat meat when you have Crohn’s Disease, for many people it can make you worse. Meat triggers the inflammatory response in the body and when you are trying to keep inflammation to a minimum it can be an issue.

While it can depend on if you have allergies to other foods and such forth, trying your diet without meat or severely reducing it can make a big difference in your Crohn’s Disease.

While to above video shows you can eat meat when you have Crohn’s Disease you will still need to avoid things like

  • dairy
  • wheat and other grains
  • sugar
  • other processed foods

For this diet to have a good success rate and help keep you in remission. I personally avoid meat as it makes my Crohn’s worse and I feel far better when I don’t eat meat. If you find it hard to live without meat try reducing it and see how it affects your Crohn’s Disease. You can also read this Crohn’s Disease diet article about meat and the affects it can have on Crohn’s Disease.


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